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Gina Castillo Alvarez is the design heart of CARTAGENA TeamBride. She is highly experienced and innovative. She has an extensive background in design and event planning. Gina worked for over 8 years at the Cartagena Convention Center as an event planner and coordinator – an experience that has been key for her wedding planning. She is far more than your average wedding planner, because for her, it is all about making a difference by creating an awesome experience for every guest. She puts in her artistic vision to design and create one of a kind events. Each of the weddings she designs is a true testament of the couple’s vision. Gina has a degree in Art History and Studio Art from Wesleyan College and a Master degree from Wright State University. In addition, she attends numerous training seminars every year to keep up with her requirement for the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), and to be at the forefront of the industry’s trends. Gina works out of her office in the United States and travels to Colombia for the Weddings at no extra cost for the couple. Her testament of Love: Gina has been married for 30 years to her husband Roddy to which they have one daughter.
Clarita Torres

Clarita brings her passion and commitment to excellence as a Wedding Planner to Cartagena Team Bride. Her love for her hometown shows with the passion and pride she evokes when speaking of all that the city of Cartagena offers especially for weddings and events. Her enthusiasm, attention, and impeccable sense of style are key tools to make each of our wedding full of tasteful details. She is passionate about flowers and fine cuisine, which are critical for her in carefully monitoring these elements for each of our couples.

She loves to keep up with everything that concerns the wedding industry, so she is the first one to suggest conferences and trainings to attend in order to bring the best and the latest trends to each of the weddings we plan.

Besides being linked to the banking sector for many years, Clarita was manager of the Club Cartagena for 5 years, invaluable experience that she brings to the organization, and development of social events. She studied Business Administration(AB) in Atlanta, GA. Clarita works from Cartagena and is the main contact for Cartagena Team Bride in Colombia. She has been married for almost 25 years to Miguel Stambulie, and the mother of two beautiful daughters, Suad Cristina and Victoria.

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