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We are now well into almost five months since COVID19 created havoc in everyone’s life.  This is especially true for couples engaged in the prospect of planning their weddings.  Most couples have opted to postpone their weddings. With all the closed borders worldwide, couples planning a destination wedding are still in a state of limbo as to what they need to be doing.  Here are a list five things you can be doing while you wait for the green light to move forward in planning your destination wedding:

  1. Hire a Wedding Planner if you do not have one. The best option is a local planner where your dream destination wedding is to take place.  Planners are up to date and in the lookout for local government restrictions and the reopening of borders, helping you navigate the planning process. Furthermore, they will help you navigate and negotiate your existing contracts with vendors and providers. If you feel that a local planner in the country or location is too far away and you would prefer someone within your country to help with your destination location, we suggest scouting for Destination Wedding Planners.  Because Destination Planners do Weddings worldwide, they have knowledge of the inner workings of the industry and how to handle all the moving parts of destination wedding planning. Furthermore, vendors and venues are more prompt to working things out with a Wedding Planner, because they see them as a potential recurring client with who they can create alliances further on.  This is an advantage that can be helpful in obtaining better options in the process of your postponement.  Most importantly, a planner will help you navigate any new rules, regulations, and protocols you must be aware of due to COVID19 implementations at your destination location.                                                                 Image Provided by Canva Pro
  2. Reviewing detail selection.  Postponing a wedding might signify rethinking details you might already have in place. This is especially true if your postponement is to take place in a different month than the first one chosen.  It might make a big difference form your original plans. Flights cost, frequency, and accommodations vary by the season. Is the new date going to be affected by this in negative ways?  Hotels and flights can be extremely high during December and the first weeks in January in most parts of the world. Does your location have these variables to consider that might affect you and your guest?  Florals are another detail that must be reviewed since most flowers are seasonal.  A specific type of flower might not be in season for your postponed date and can mean a change of the overall look that you initially had in mind.                                                                                                     Image provided by Gabo & Mafe PhotoImage Provided by Canva Pro
  3. Writing your Vows.  It is one of the most significant elements of any wedding yet most couples tend to wait until their wedding day to do so. Let me give you a tip: there are so many things happening on your wedding day.  If you can have your vows ready to go way ahead of the day, it will give you the time to really fully enjoy every moment without having to concentrate on such an important task. You will be able to go over them and make detailed changes that will be significant for both of you, closer to the date, and to make sure that you can truly profess all of your feelings for one another.
  4. Create a headshot list of your family photos for your photographer. Your photographer has no clue who the important people in your life are.  Crafting a list indicating names, relationships and a small headshot will help your photographer in expediting family photos and giving you more to enjoy the day.                             
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  5. If you have not already done so, create a “DEFINITELY NO” song list.  Most couples take the time to create a “MUST SONG LIST,” but creating a list of songs you both hate to share with your DJ is equally important. If there is a request for the song by any of the guests during the night, a good DJ will simply indicate that it is not within his or her repertoire.

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