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Post COVID19, the new trend that will shape up in Weddings will be more intimate or micro weddings.  This in part because of the social distancing guidelines, but more importantly, in the desire of couples to keep their family and friends safe.  Micro weddings can still be grand, despite being small in size of the number of guests. One way to do so is to opt for a destination wedding at a location with a WOW factor.  Here are some locations in the Americas that check all the boxes for being beautiful, charming to add that special something to any Intimate Wedding. 

Cartagena, Colombia, South America.

This colonial town has it all and is still one of our favorite places for weddings, be it a small or grand wedding.  The old city is full of colonial houses, that are beautiful and with the intimate ambiance to make any small wedding spectacular. It is romantic, full of history, warm weather reigns all year round, and has breathtaking sunsets.  Colombia is one of the counties with less COVID cases worldwide in part because of the measurements imparted by the government from the beginning of the pandemic.  Safety post COVID protocols will be in place, making it a safe Destination Wedding Location.  What makes this location special is the enchantment felt by visitors to the old city.  It has numerous open-air locations/venues that can be considered.  Because the old city is pretty much intact of how it was during the colonial period, most locations the city offers are small and intimate in size. 

Moab, Utah, USA

Moab is a city with a population of less than 6,000 making it a great location for an intimate wedding.  But what makes Moab ideal as a Destination Wedding location is that to its north lies the incredibly beautiful Arches National Park and to its south the Canyonland National Park, both breathtaking locations where the terrain adds to an exceptional feeling of INTIMATE.  The place is an invitation to the most breathtaking photography for a wedding. My advice is to go with a local photographer such as Angela Hays Photography that knows the area very well for the picture-perfect locations.

Moab also offers an array of outdoor activities with social distancing in mind, such as offroad biking, hiking, and canyoneering.  For many couples, there is still some hesitation for travel abroad since with the pandemic, and since this location is within the US, Moab is the perfect romantic, and exotic location for couples wanting to keep it close to home.

Antigua, Guatemala, Central America

Antigua is a small town nestled in the central highlands of Guatemala.  What makes this city special is the feeling of past times.  Most of the ruins from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions still stand today, giving this city unbelievable locations for beautiful intimate weddings.  Every single corner of the city is full of breathtaking locations that are an invitation to make the most intimate wedding, one with an enormous WOW factor. It is a picturesque city surrounded by volcanos, full of UNESCO protected ruins, the fabulous sight that make it the ideal place to hold a truly romantic intimate wedding.

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